Terms & Policies


Course prerequisites

  • A personal yoga practice in any tradition, to include one year of consistent weekly attendance in group/community yoga classes. Accommodations for injuries and special learning needs will be addressed by faculty to the best of their abilities; please be sure to inform staff of any special needs prior to the start of the course.
  • An essay describing why the applicant wishes to become a yoga teacher, how the applicant’s personal practice has led them towards teaching, and how s/he envisions their teaching will benefit the community.
  • Be at least 18 years of age and display English-language competency
  • A completed application along with a non-refundable $75 application fee. The application, enrollment, tuition and fees must be received no later than 30 days prior to the first day of class.


  • Students enrolled in the Teacher Training Program will be provided with dates/times of each training session well in advance and should plan to attend all classes in their entirety.
  • Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to class and be ready to begin promptly at the scheduled start time. Students that arrive late more than four times over the course of the Program may be subject to dismissal. Students are not to leave class early without clearing it with the instructor. Any time missed must be made up.
  • Attendance will be taken at each class meeting. Students will be provided with an attendance log; the completed log must be submitted to Program faculty prior to graduation.
  • Should a student encounter an emergency or other unforeseen event that prevents them from attending a class, this class must be made up prior to graduation from the Program. The student will be expected to schedule a time with either instructor to complete this requirement.

Student COnduct

Students shall:

  • Conduct themselves as representatives of the Inner Adventure Teacher Training Program and in keeping with the Yoga Alliance Registry Code of Conduct.
  • Treat all members of the Inner Adventure Teacher Training Program faculty, staff and student community with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Treat the Inner Adventure Teacher Training Program facilities with respect, including building, grounds, equipment, and furnishings.
  • Respect the rights and property of other students in the Inner Adventure Teacher Training Program.
  • Accept responsibility for and the consequences of their actions and encourage responsible, ethical conduct in others.
  • Conduct him/herself so that others are not distracted from the pursuit of learning. The health, safety and well being of students, faculty and staff is paramount; harassment or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. 

dates and tuition

Application Fee: There is a $75 non-refundable fee due with the application. 

Enrollment Fee: A $250 deposit will be due at the time of enrollment. This fee secures a space in the Program and pays the student’s deposit for attendance at the mandatory Culminating Retreat. The full amount of the enrollment fee will be deducted from the total tuition payment; $100 of this fee is non-refundable.

Payment Plans: 
Option A – Full payment of $3500 (less enrollment fee) due no later than March 2, 2018

Option B – 50% due on March 2, 2018 (less enrollment fee) and the remainder due on June 2, 2018
This plan includes a $25 processing fee for each payment.

Option C – Monthly installments from March 2, 2018 to November 2, 2018 (less enrollment fee)
This plan includes a $10/month processing fee.


The student has the right to cancel the Payment Agreement, withdraw from the Teacher Training Program and receive a refund per the breakdown listed below. Notification of intent to withdraw must be made in writing.

a) Prior to completion of the first day of class, but before the second day of class, 100% refund, less the $175 Application/Enrollment fees, the will be given.
b) After completion of the first day of class, but prior to the completion of 10% of the program 90% of tuition, less the $175 Application/Enrollment fees, will be refunded.

c) After completion of 10%, but prior to completion of 20% of the program, the refund will be 80% of tuition, less the $175 Application/Enrollment fees.  

d) After completion of 20%, but prior to completion of 25% of the program, the refund will be 55% of tuition, less the $175 Application/Enrollment fees. 

e) After completion of 25%, but prior to completion of 30% of the program, the refund will be 30% of tuition, less the $175 Application/Enrollment fees. 

f) After completion of 30% of the course no refund will be given. 

Refunds will be computed from the last day of physical attendance. 

Student records

Inner Adventure will maintain student records, and at any time students may request a copy of academic records. Such requests must be submitted in writing. 

Statement of non-transference

Inner Adventure cannot guarantee that it's credits or programs are transferable, and the transfer of credits is always at the discretion of the receiving institution, depending on the comparability of curricula and accreditation.